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Saturday, 19 May 2012

100 question

1.) Name: Noor Atiqah
2.) Birthdate: October 12
3.) Address: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4.) Blood type: B
5.) Height: 153 cm short.
6.) Weight: 45kg.Take my fatty please.
7.) Shoe size: 6
8.) Personality: unexpected.
9.) Dream: I wish I can fly...!~
10.) Specialties: can eat a lot.(bila lapar gila plus tension)
11.) Hobbies: music and internet surfing.
12.) My idol: my idol is...!!!you..!!
13.) Celebrities you likes: KIM JUNSU!!!oppa saranghae.!
14.) Fav Flower: pink and red roses.
15.) I want to go out with this kind of person: personality same with junsu (jyj) plus jaejoong
16.) Fav. Fruit: mango
17.) People you don't like: erk...secret eh...
18.) Fav comic book: crayon shin chan,mirmo de pon,lawak kampus
19.) What I worried about: when I have to survive alone without help of others...
20.) Sleeping out: maybe.pernah kot.
21.) Alcohol tolerance: never drink dat kind of drink.
22.) First love: did I have?HAHA..
23.) Someone I respect: doctor Liu,Ibu,Ma and other who also respect other like themself.
24.) Sport I good at: ligan pesakit dalam klinik.(run with my patient)
25.) Fav song: holding back the tears, yeo haeng gi, timeless, why have I fallen for u?…
26.) Number of blind dates you’ve gone on: ada ke?
27.) When I look the best: When I’m confident with myself.
28.) Person I liked the best out of all the people I gone out with: ???
29.) Fav number:3.(same with Jeajoong in balloons video.! <3
30.) Prized Possession: camera
31.) Lowest ranking: in study maybe.ahhhh..banyak sangat kot..
32.) Religion: Islam.
33.) What I think when looking in the mirror: kenapa aku gemuk sangat ni?
34.) Fav color: mostly soft colour.!
35.) Good thing about myself: I will never leave my bestfriend when she in bad situation 
easily to turn into empathy mood..:(
36.) Bad thing about myself: when I’m moody, everything seems too bad for me.
37.) Drinking habits: ??
39.) On a rainy day I want to go outside and get wet: don’t want!
40.) Things I cook well: sweet sour kot! (dah nama fav.)
41.) Something I want to do right now: sleep!!
42.) Foreign language I good at: nothing =p
43.) Something I want to do with the person I love: it’s all about spending time wif
 him! ♥
44.) A present I want to give the person I love: depend with that guy.  ♥
45.) Things I want: Too many!no time to list down!
46.) If you met a boyfriend/girlfriend from the past: so..?
47.) A present I want to receive from the person I love: hand made!/ chocholate!
48.) Phone greeting:sumtime hello.sumtimes assalamualaikum... (unexpected)
49.) Ringtone: tutt..tuttt..tuttt
50.) Caller rings:got 3! najwa latiff,suju,selena gomez
 51.) If you found 1 million dollars on the road: Tanya sape punya?
52.) Habits:sleep with comis.
53.) Sleeping habits:left or right lateral ..!  ♥
54.) What I wearing as of now: t-shirt , loose pants.
55.) I want to die when: it’s not my business.
56.) Something I want to do right now: sleep..!
56.) How many times have you received/given flowers from/to a person of the different gender: never!sedihkan?
57.) Where I want surgery: I am pretty enough!:D  ♥
58.) My charm: ??
59.) What people think of me: silent when you don’t know me.
60.) Something I say a lot: “ohh..god!”
61.) What I scared of: doctor..!hospital!
62.) When I was most hurt: won’t tell you.
63.) When I feel the happiest: I still have my mom whom always take care of me.
64.) What I do when I'm scared: take deep breath.
65.) When have you given chocolates to someone for valentines day: haven’t celebrate it yet.
66.) What I do when I'm stressed: sleeping..!!talk to someone that I trust..!
67.) What I like to eat when I drink: ??
68.) What I do when I mad: sleep! eat!
69.) Things I can eat: too much...I don’t like spicy...
70.) Time I get to school: 6 years old
71.) Something I want to learn: *mandarin language* !!
72.) What I do when there is someone I don't like: trying to avoid from seeing him/her or maybe stay cool like nothing happend.

73.) When I was the happiest in my life: won’t tell you.
74.) What I think of money: everything need money but money is not everything!
75.) If the person you love ended up loving someone else: just accept it. He’s not for me..
76.) Most recent time I cried: when it comes to “stress”!
77.) Sunshine or Moonlight: sunshine. beauty like sunshine.
78.) First kiss: by my mom! Hehee..=p
79.) If someone I broke up with wanted to get back: no!
80.) Favorite person of a different race I like: heheee..
81.) My most favorite thing I own: redding comis!
82.) How long I can wait for someone:depend in my mood.
83.) When I was most disappointed: won’t tell u...
84.) Your monthly allowance: how much ehh...
85.) Fav animals: cat!
86.) Fav. Season: summer.haha
87.) Most memorable date: 2/4/2012
88.) What I look at when I look at someone of the other gender: everything! *woops!!*
89.)Your hairstyle as of now: short.
90.) Nicknames: tikah,atiqah,nor,adik.
91.) What would you do if someone grabbed your things and started
running: huh?! Try to catch him!or maybe shout out!
92.) Love is?: comes naturally.
93.) When I know the person I love has changed: the way he treated me.
94.) What surprised you the most: unexpected invitation..!!
95.) What you do when you can’t fall asleep: reding comis.eh,I am easily to sleep.
96.) What do you think you were in your past life: baby!
97.) If you were to be born again:try do the best in future! Mistake tu nak betul kan.
98.) What are you going to do after you finish this: not sure lah..
99.) How honest were you: honest lah jugak..HAHA...
100.) What do you want to say: yes!! I did it..
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